Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pineapple chutney

This sweet and spicy chutney is a nice side to cold cuts, roasted meats, chicken or a strong cheese.

Here goes

1 cup of finely cubed fresh pineapple
1 whole pepper finely cubed (your choice of color, red, yellow, green, orange, purple..... )

1 medium size onion also finely cubed
1/2 cup of honey (I used maple syrup)
1/2 cup of rice vinegar
1/2 cup of water
1 clove of garlic smashed
1/2 tsp of whole coriander seeds (I used pickling mix, if you have coriander seeds, use them)
1/4 tsp of chili flakes
salt & pepper

Put everything into one pot on stovetop and bring to a simmer for about 20 min stirring now and then. Let cool, then let marinate in fridge 2 hrs before serving.

Enjoy. J.

This recipe is in my Super Bon recipe list.
This recipe was addapted from, 

Makes just enough for a 500ml jar + a bit more for supper tonight.

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