Thursday, December 29, 2011

Simple veggie omelette

Omelette, one serving

2 eggs, yolks and white seperate
1/4 cup milk
A pat or two of butter
1 tbsp of finely chopped red onion
1 tbsp of finely chopped red pepper
1 small cooked potato finely chopped
salt & pepper
pinch of oregano
Parmesan cheese for garnish

Add milk to yolks, beat.
Beat egg whites until fluffy, almost to a soft meringue.

Melt a pat of butter and sauté on medium low heat onion, red pepper and potato until crisp. Add salt, pepper and oregano. Add to yolks, mix. Fold in beaten whites to yolk mixture.
Add a second pat of butter to pan and melt to coat the whole bottom of pan.
Add the egg mixture, try to distribute veggies evenly. Turn heat down to 1 or 2, cover omelette with an aluminum pie pan*, let cook until bottom is firm, +/- 5 min. Hoping your omelette did not stick to the bottom, flip it like a pancake. Remove pie plate so that moisture can evaporate and let cook for another 3-4 min.

Fold in two on serving plate and sprinkle on parmesan. Serve with homemade creton. If you are lucky serve with bacon.

* The heat of the cooking omelette with reflect on the inside of the aluminum plate which in turn will deflect on the omelette, thus cooking the top of the omelette just enough for it not to be runny when you flip it with elegance.


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