Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nutty Rice Krispies & White Chocolate Cracks.

Nutty Rice Krispy & White chocolate cracks.

2 cups white chocolate "pastilles, pépites"
1 cup spanish nuts
2-3 cups Rice Krispies
Sprinkle either a pinch of Pepper, Cardamom, Chili powder.

Prepare all ingredients, this has to be done fast while chocolate is liquid.
Butter or line a cookie sheet with parchement paper and keep close by.

Have some water shimmering in a double boiler, place 1 1/2 cups of chocolate in top part.
Let chocolate melt stirring now and then, once all is melted add the 1/2 cup of chocolat left and stir non stop to melt that.
Add nuts, 2 cups of Rice Krispies and stir.
Add more cereal to taste as you go.

Once you've got the consistency you want, pour onto the cookie sheet and spread out with a spatula.
Let cool 1 hour at room temperature. After about 15 min lightly sprinkle the chosen spice on top, you do not need much, just a couple of pinches.

Place in fridge and let cool completely. Break up in pieces when you are ready to serve.

* I guess this could be done with milk chocolate or dark chocolat. But then you wouldn't see the difference in color between the white chocolate and the nuts.

The first time I had this was in Dominican Republic in 2009. They used more chocolate than I and no spice on top.
I found this recipe on the José Distasio site.


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